Luxury Heated Indoor Swimming Pool

Digitally controlled for a constant temperature of 31°C. Longburgh Pool, one of the warmest pools in Cumbria, makes a very pleasant experience for everyone. It is especially suitable for young children, the elderly, those convalescing after illness and non-swimmers.



The extension and refurbishment works completed in 2018, mean Longburgh Pool is now more accessible. With wheelchair ramp access at the entrance, wet room style showers, accessible toilet and the added bonus of the Roman walk-in steps, making access easier for less able swimmers, the young and the elderly.


Private and secluded

Longburgh Pool is completely secluded, the French windows and patio at the back of the pool overlook open fields which are grazed by horses, views extend across the Solway estuary. When you hire the pool you have it completely to yourself - you chose your companions.


35 x 14 feet

Longburgh Pool is big enough for the serious swimmer to swim lengths, and the Swim Jet makes for an excellent training aid.


Full Hour Swimming Time

When you hire Longburgh Pool, you have your full hour in the water because we have two changing rooms, which we alternate. Groups using the pool before and after you will use the other changing room. You can arrive 5 or 10 minutes before you are due to swim, go into the water on the hour and vacate the pool in time for the group after you to enter the water for their hour. Both changing rooms have a shower, hairdryer, mirror and baby change unit.


Wait in comfort

No waiting outside in the cold for your friends or family to get changed. Relax in our waiting area and take in some local history.


Hot Tub Spa

The commercial Hot Tub is kept at a luxurious 38°C, with powerful jets to help you relax.


Easy to Book

Bookings can now be done by selecting a date and time on the calendar. You must complete your details and select payment type.